Our Vision

Access as a given.


Our mission at Loop is to prevent life-threatening pressure sores using inexpensive inflatable cushions to increase life expectancy for wheelchair users in developing countries. We believe that everybody should have equal access to the technology that makes a difference between life and death. Pressure sores are a completely preventable secondary condition resulting from sitting in a wheelchair all day; wheelchair users should not have to worry for their life for a condition that is prevented with just a cushion. Accessing the best cushions on the market is close to impossible for most wheelchair users in developing countries because they are extremely costly. We believe it does not have to be this way; by replicating the best cushion technology for a much lower price, we hope to make the best technology accessible to all.

While there are many challenges facing wheelchair users in developing countries, we hope that with Loop will be be able to take one of those away. We envision the future of wheelchair users worldwide as one where concern about getting a life-threatening pressure sore is not a daily concern, or a concern at all, because they know they have a piece of technology that will enable them to be safe from pressure sores. With Loop, we see a world where every wheelchair user will have a cushion that will effectively prevent pressure sores. We hope that without the concern of a life-threatening pressure sore, people using wheelchairs will enjoy a higher quality of life, without the threat of spending months or years in bed treating a pressure sore.

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Sarah Tress

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